MH5A9454_13x18_300_hI am a political scientist specializing in international political economy (IPE). I broadly examine the politics of international trade and focus on international institutions, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the role of multinational companies (MNCs) in global trade governance.

I obtained my PhD from the University of Antwerp in Belgium with the dissertation titled ‘Overcoming resistance to compliance: Internationalization of production and the politics of WTO dispute settlement’. Previously I received my MSc from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree from the University of Houston in the U.S. I currently work as a Marie-Curie Fellow at the World Trade Institute (WTI) and lead my own project titled PROSPER (Politics of Rule-making Orchestration of Standards and Private Economic Regulations). I was previously a Max Weber Postdoctoral fellow at the European University Institute’s (EUI) Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and a Guest Lecturer at the University of Antwerp.

My current project aims to understand the distributive consequences of international trade and the role of MNCs in shaping regulatory outcomes in global fora. My previous work has been published by the Review of International Organizations, Global PolicyComparative European Politics, and the World Trade Review. My list of publications can be found on my ResearchGate page.

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