The Dispute Settlement Compliance Database


Dispute settlement compliance database (DISCOD) outlines the implementing measures enacted by World Trade Organization (WTO) Members in response to adverse WTO dispute settlement rulings between 1995-2016. Over 150 legislations were tracked, collected from official sources, WTO (and Dispute Settlement Body (DSB)) documents, WTO Member legislatures, e.g. the European Commission Directorate General for Trade and the United States Trade Representative, as well as secondary sources. The Excel sheet includes several variables coded for further analysis and below additional details can be found regarding excluded disputes, in which the defendants were exonerated, as well as “horizontal” disputes involving several sectors.

The data collection project was made available with funding from the University of Antwerp (Special Research Fund) as part of the “Judicial politics at the WTO” project and was further expanded with the support of the Robert Schuman Centre of Advanced Studies as well as the European Union Horizon 2020 research programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement PROSPER No. 842868.

Please contact for the CSV files. Below you can find the Excel file as well as the database information sheet (“discod_info_”) which provides additional information on the dataset and gives an outline of WTO dispute settlement implementing measures.